Grassroots Music Festival: Trumansburg NY
to Jul 22

Grassroots Music Festival: Trumansburg NY

On Friday July 21st we will be doing a Kids Cob Building workshop from 1 to 4pm in the Kids area.  On Saturday we will be giving a talk on Natural Design and Cob Building from 3pm to 4:15pm (description below).

"Cob Building Works"

Earth has been used as a building material on every continent, in nearly every part of human history because of its versatility, availability and functionality. In this workshop we will discuss Cob Building applications in the modern world, natural design strategies to improve our well being, and different ways to apply mud in existing structures. As many of us are so far removed from this element in our modern lives, we repeatedly witness the "therapy" that cob offers builders and home owners-earth is energizing, detoxifying and an incredibly strong building material. Our company: "Cob Therapy" aims to connect to Nature through the Art of Natural Building.

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Cob Oven Workshop in NYC!
to May 21

Cob Oven Workshop in NYC!

  • 404 East 142nd Street Bronx, NY, 10454 United States (map)
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In this workshop we will construct an earthen oven, an outdoor pizza and bread oven, from start to finish.  We will learn different techniques to build a foundation, build a stem wall, different ways to naturally insulate, learn how to mix cob properly, learn the different recipes for clay plasters and earthen mixes, as well as learning the basic concepts of constructing your own natural home.  This oven building workshop will be hands on and physical.  We will be discussing a variety of different natural building topics along with natural design concepts.  Come get inspired in the middle of the City!

$200! Extended! This includes Lunch. Please fill out the registration form below and Use the "Donate" button below to make your payment and secure your spot.  Can't wait!

Please email me with questions: MatteoLundgren @ Gmail

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Clay Plastering 1 day Workshop
8:30 AM08:30

Clay Plastering 1 day Workshop

Ever wondered how to bring the benefits of earthen materials into a house that isn't a cob house? Instead of using latex paints and other toxic products you can clay plaster your walls to gain all the benefits of living in cob houses! Learn how. Learn the mixes! Feel the power.  This workshop is an intensive day where we will be applying clay plaster to lite straw clay studded walls and over drywall.  

Email me for details (matteo.lundgren @ gmail ) ...Class limit is 6 participants. Our goal is for you to learn plastering techniques and understand specific mixes for a variety of applications. You will learn by doing...

We make all of our own primers and clay plastering mixes...Instead of buying American Clay products that are pre-mixed and pre-made, students will understand how to make mixes as well as every component within them

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Cob Building Intensive: Earthen Oven Workshop
to Jun 12

Cob Building Intensive: Earthen Oven Workshop

4 day Cob Building intensive 10am -6pm Daily ~ Lunch provided, camping available

$350 early bird - $400 after May 31st

Register online at Hawk Meadow Farm

  • During this workshop we will build a wood-fired earthen bread and pizza oven from start to finish. Roof construction included!
  • 3-D Scalable design projects: each participant will use the natural design strategies we discuss in the workshop to construct a model of their dream home.
  • We will construct mini rocket stoves. Each participant will have a chance to build a portable rocket stove to take home with them.

This workshop is very hands-on; expect to get physical and your hands muddy. Prepare to be INSPIRED!

We will also discuss the pro’s and cons of a variety of alternative building strategies, including Cob building, adobe, earthbags, strawbale, rammed earth, and earthships. We will cover the basics around alternatives to conventional building practices, including; foundation work, stemwall choices, wall fill materials, insulation considerations, thermal mass, roofing and other natural options for finishing and upgrading existing spaces. All while exploring how to apply “cradle to cradle” design strategies in the building world. 

We believe we need to reassess our relationship with the living spaces we occupy. “Just as we have learned how important a healthy diet is to our well being, it may be more important to live in homes and spaces that nurture our biology on the same level.”

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