Born to Build

Human Evolution. Why are we here?? How have we survived?

If you were lost and stranded in the middle of the forest, or if you were watching Bear Grylls on your television, what have we learned is the number one rule for survival? The US military survival guide says you can only survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. 3 hours without SHELTER!?  We modern humans, otherwise known as "Homo sapiens sapiens" are 200,000 years old, and the number one reason why we have existed into the present day is because we know how to build shelter. Seriously.

I imagine our collective genetic lineage strung heavy with codes that enable each of us to construct a shelter that protects us from the elements.  You wouldn't be reading this, you couldn't be here without it. 3 hours is all we got! However our culture has outsourced this primitive skill, disconnecting all of us from what we have been born to know, our relationships with the living spaces we inhabit as distant as the far away places the materials they are built out of come from. Its like the difference between an online relationship and a physical human to human relationship and this distance is having a negative impact on our psychological well being.  The contemporary woman and man now believe we are incapable of this most basic human skill. We have come to accept that only highly specialized humans can participate in a craft that without, we have yet 3 hours to survive? I couldn't accept this. I wouldn't. So with very little building skills I decided the best way to reunite with my "wild self," the best way for me to figure out how to build, was to learn how to do it with the most ancient building material known to man, a material that is abundant, a material that I didn't need a store to get, free of charge as long as I worked hard enough to get it, a way of building that didn't require big machines but instead my bare hands, a way of building that was intimate and required a real relationship with the materials being used, using a material that actually promoted health. I have learned how to use Cob over the past 5 years, to create regenerative, healthy and beautiful structures, and homes that actually are healthier, stronger, last longer and more exciting. 

My goal has now become to share these innate skills with as many people as possible and to expose the ill effects of a conventional building world that creates incredible amounts of waste and adds to the negative human imprint on the planet. That living in the monotony of studded wall systems, dry wall, square rooms, and forced air circulation systems deadens the imagination of the inhabitants, buildings that are "sick" leave its inhabitants more stressed and less likely to feel satisfied and optimistic. Cob Building has the potential to help heal the cultural wounds that has distanced us from the most important of our human needs, shelter building, and to re-build our relationship with the spaces we occupy.

My experience as a mental health therapist helped me recognize how interwoven our well being was with the shelter we spend our whole lives living in. I began noticing how important it was for my clients to "Build," to feel connected to space.  Cob Therapy helps connect people with their nature, building community with muddy hands, understanding the story of each of the building materials used, and unleashing our inner child to tap into the wisdom of our wild human ancestry.

Let it be known that we are "Born to Build"