Our business is to encourage an individual's dreaming through the art of mud building .

We aim to empower people to take back their shelter from the industrial construction complex; to deepen relationship with natural materials; to begin the process of bringing nature and beauty back into their homes  which in turn, transforms them into healthier spaces.

With spirited enthusiasm, and a deep respect for our natural environment, we teach and share simple skills of building with the Earth. We strive to live each day connecting to the elements that give us life, attempting to leave things better than the way we found them, for generations to come. 

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Matteo Lundgren

Matteo expresses his creative fire through building with cob (a mixture of clay, sand, straw and water) to build structures and design spaces that "belong". Matteo has hosted two DIY Network Television programs, "Building off the Grid: Mud Houses" where he teamed up with world renowned Architect/Designer/Builder SunRay Kelley to build two fairytale-style natural homes. Matteo is inspired by the vision of building homes (and entire neighborhoods!) using local building materials that are non-toxic, regenerative, and sensible-- in other words, independent of Home Depot.   Intrinsic to Matteo's style are the natural design philosophies of Christopher Alexander and Coenraad Rogmans.  By leading workshops across the country, he teaches students how to circumvent conventional construction techniques with natural building practices.   His teaching style is highly engaging, and he is focused on empowering people with knowledge and hands-on skills with which they can immediately to go home and create, even if just on a small scale.  His excitement for building with the earth is so contagious that it is hard to not go home and do it yourself.  

Photo Credit:  Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku


Peaches has always been inspired to create functional art from natural materials.   With some roots in an Oregon peach orchard, many of her formative years were centered around food: farming and marketing, gardening, wild-harvesting, and working as a chef.  Adding Natural Building to her skill set was a clear compliment to her existing gifts.  From edible artistic creations, to practical living spaces, she loves sourcing and collecting as many of her own materials as possible to make things from "scratch".  Whether she's baking pie or making clay plaster, her skills lie in the details and beautification.   She uses mud as a sculptural medium to beautify the rough edges, and translates natures design strategies to transform static zones into dynamic and cozy living spaces.   Pizza parties and other cob-oven centered feasts are top of her list of hobbies.   Peaches brings a nurturing and supportive element to workshops and classes that she and Matteo offer, and her positive grounding presence adds incomparable benefit to any project.