Building off the Grid: Mud Homes!

The passion that Matteo and Peaches bring as both artists, builders and educators is fiery!  The couple gained YouTube fame from their spunky instructional videos and were recruited to film a TV series dedicated to building with natural materials designed and built by the world renowned architect SunRay Kelley.  Here it is!


Episode 2:

Episode 2 Premiered on the DIY Network on October 30th 2016! "Building off the Grid: Massive Mud Home" SunRay has designed another spectacular home in Washington state! Get ready! Its $2 on YouTube: Watch it here


Episode 1: 

You can purchase and watch the show on YouTube!:

 Go to this Link

The DIY cable network aired our shows about building two fantastical natural homes in Washington state. This show “Building off the Grid” features renowned Natural Builder, SunRay Kelly who designed and built these two very unique homes with the help of Matteo and Peaches and a few other key players. The build projects were filmed from start to finish; and nearly all materials—cedar, clay and stone—were harvested right from the land the homes were built on. With Matteo as the exuberant host of the show we see SunRay Kelley’s vision manifest into the physical
Mud couch

Mud couch

SunRay Kelley designed door

SunRay Kelley designed door

The curves and flexibility of cob is inspiring