Earthen plasters can be applied to any wall system, whether thats natural wall systems like cob or strawbale, or more conventional walls like drywall or concrete. We like to "Bring the earth inside!" for not only the aesthetic but also the many functional and health benefits that comes with living surrounded by clay. The wonderful benefits of clay include longevity, mold-resistance that is non-toxic, can moderate temperature swings, making walls feel warm in winter and cool in the summer.  They also work acoustically to soften and round off sound, making them conducive to creating peaceful and calm spaces. They regulate levels of relative humidity in the atmosphere. It's highly flexible and easily repairable. Clay naturally produces negative ions which repel dirt and grime that normally build up on walls. It also counteracts positive ions produced by electrical outlets and electronic devices and research right now is being done on earthen plasters ability to screen electromagnetic radiation. 

Once you go clay, you'll never go to paint again, it just FEEL's better. 

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