Earth has been used as a building material on every continent, in nearly every part of human history because of its versatility, availability and functionality.  There is a very therapeutic aspect to touching earth with our bare skin.  As many of us are so far removed from this element in our modern lives; in a workshop setting or any build project, we repeatedly witness the "therapy" that cob offers builders-earth is energizing, detoxifying, strengthening, and an excellent community builder.

 Cob works


Stone is one of our favorite building materials available in the "supernatural market". These are million-year-aged nature-made bricks!  Incredibly strong, and if pieced together properly, stone can be the most solid and attractive foundation there is.   Stone is a natural way to build a foundation stem wall-- creating the transition between the ground and the cob wall.  As SunRay Kelley says, "With a good hat and good boots, cob will last forever." 

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 We strive to use wind fallen wood or trees that we consciously cut to improve the health of a forest.  Rough cut, wild edged, non-industrialized wood is beautiful and has a smaller carbon footprint.  Our vision is rooted in sensibility as well, using recycled or discarded lumber when appropriate. In the above photo, pictured are natural curved branches, which are infinitely stronger than straight dimensional lumber found at the store and add a whimsical element to a building

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