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Grassroots Music Festival: Trumansburg NY

On Friday July 21st we will be doing a Kids Cob Building workshop from 1 to 4pm in the Kids area.  On Saturday we will be giving a talk on Natural Design and Cob Building from 3pm to 4:15pm (description below).

"Cob Building Works"

Earth has been used as a building material on every continent, in nearly every part of human history because of its versatility, availability and functionality. In this workshop we will discuss Cob Building applications in the modern world, natural design strategies to improve our well being, and different ways to apply mud in existing structures. As many of us are so far removed from this element in our modern lives, we repeatedly witness the "therapy" that cob offers builders and home owners-earth is energizing, detoxifying and an incredibly strong building material. Our company: "Cob Therapy" aims to connect to Nature through the Art of Natural Building.