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Clay Plastering 1 day Workshop

Ever wondered how to bring the benefits of earthen materials into a house that isn't a cob house? Instead of using latex paints and other toxic products you can clay plaster your walls to gain all the benefits of living in cob houses! Learn how. Learn the mixes! Feel the power.  This workshop is an intensive day where we will be applying clay plaster to lite straw clay studded walls and over drywall.  

Email me for details (matteo.lundgren @ gmail ) ...Class limit is 6 participants. Our goal is for you to learn plastering techniques and understand specific mixes for a variety of applications. You will learn by doing...

We make all of our own primers and clay plastering mixes...Instead of buying American Clay products that are pre-mixed and pre-made, students will understand how to make mixes as well as every component within them