Matteo travels from high schools to colleges to deliver a message of optimism, following your passion, and choosing a life worth living.  If you are interested in more information please email: matteolundgren (at) gmail 

Matteo is extremely skilled at connecting with students in a high school assembly and/or classroom setting.  He engages with students in a way that grabs their attention and encourages them to think critically. He believes that students can change the trajectory of their lives by learning the power of focus, and by recognizing their own resiliency.  These days, students are feeling more and more pressure to succeed; with endless options and decisions that “need to be made," many are feeling overwhelmed. Everything around them is trying to steal their focus--cell phones, dealing with anxiety and depression, planning the course of their lives after high school.  Students have so much on their plates, they readily welcome a voice from outside that is full of encouragement and inspiration, and Matteo's enthusiasm is contagious!

Matteo has been trained with a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology, and practices engaging students professionally in a one-on-one setting throughout the school year.  He loves to work with all ages, but specializes in college/life readiness for the transition from high school-aged kids to help  dream and plan whatever is to come next in their lives.

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